Safety Driving Essentials for Senior Citizens

No matter the age, driving gives equal sense of freedom to everyone especially when we get old and the only seemingly way to maintain independence is the open road. However being humans, everyone age at different rate which directly impacts on our performance including that of driving. Some of the drivers are just as sharp and acute in their 80s as they were in the 40s or younger whereas others give up the keys in their 50s or 60s.

Driving is indeed complicated which involves alertness of both the physical and cognitive self for unexpected and quick manoeuvres. For some drivers, it’s hard to notice about the changes in their driving skills and style however it’s most obvious to others; and maybe dangerous as well. Have a look at safety driving essentials for senior citizens who, despite their age love driving and possessive of their vehicles.

Age & Driving – The Affects

The first thing to cross the mind is obviously eyesight which is indeed significant but, there’re other factors that come into play when it comes to senior road safety such as:

  • Vision Impairment

Sharp and healthy eyesight is to a better and safe life whereas one of the most crucial road safety aspect to prevent crashes. This is because drivers need almost all the visual cues appropriately to ride on safely but if the vision has been diminished, it compromises safety. Stay up to date on the latest eye exams for drivers that may change from a country to another depending on driving laws and impactful conditions.

  • Hearing Impairment

Apart from the vision, another crucial factor is hearing loss as we age and in the U.S, one-third of every American above the age of 65 has some sort of hearing deficiency. This particular fact can put such drivers at a significant risk when navigating through traffic or even if driving easily around town. Lack of ability to hear the approaching motorcycle from the behind or even failure to pull over on the sound of the ambulance puts the driver and others on the road in peril.

  • Reaction Time

For a defensive and skilled driver, reaction time is one of the most important factors that allow timely action or response to a road incident without being involved or further causing an accident. Lack of cognitive and physical abilities as we age also impacts on the reaction time thus raising the bar for danger and unsafe occurrences.


Physical & Mental Health

To stay fit even as we age is a certain challenge but not without perks and one is enhanced ability to drive on safely. Physical anomalies such as neck pain or stiffened back make it difficult to look about and over the shoulder whereas leg pain compromises your ability to apply brakes on time.

Then there’s reduced strength in the arm which further challenges your ability to steer the wheel quicker and effectively. To stay fit, you need not to sign-up for a gym membership or hire a personal trainer but simple home-based convenient workouts and stretches can help you out here in more way than you can possibly imagine.

At Al Muftah Rent a Car Bahrain, we value safety of all our valuable customers and clients which is why our exclusive chauffeur driving service has been introduced to relieve you of the driving stress.

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