Road Trips for Sunshine All Round the Year

This is time of the year when snowbirds fly to warmer locations, avoiding bitter winter. Apart from the typical winter charm and warmth of hot cocoa cup in the hands, many parts of the U.S. and Canada are hit hard by snowstorm, blizzard, freezing rain, grey skies and much more, only leaving behind a handful of snow to scoop and shovel. Not to mention the fact that these weather conditions can last for almost four months which means serious cases of winter blues. 
All that said, this is one reason for the elderly as well as people suffering from seasonal allergies and Seasonal Affective Disorder to migrate to places with a moderate and soothing temperature. For all those struggling to outrun the harshest winters and bathe in the warmth of natural sunlight without giving up the vacation charm, we at Al Muftah Rent a Car Bahrain bring a detailed guide on the best road trips to experience sunshine all around the year. Read on and have your backpacks ready! 
The Route 1 
On the first route, we will connect you with cities having average sunshine of about or above 70 percent per year which sums up to approximately 256 sunny days. If you’re keen to Seasonal Affective Disorder or simply dislike cold and dry weather, such places await your presence.  
Start from coastal California, move across the desert region in the Southwest all the way up to the great Colorado state, drive through some of the nation’s most amazing national parks only to finish up in the northern California.  
Although no one can guarantee a 100% pure and accurate weather, historical facts and statistical modules tell us that the roads you’ll eventually drive through are sunny most of the time throughout the year. 
The Route 2 
Then there’s another alternate route for the extra sensitive who simply couldn’t stand extreme temperatures but can definitely cope with speed. Find yourself an exceptional car rental service and begin the journey from Palm Springs, California where temperature is likely to maintain a record of 70-76-degree Fahrenheit. The journey would take you through the country’s southern regions all the way to New England, over the Rocky Mountains, between the Pacific Northwest and back to the sun-soaked regions. This way, you’ll get to stay for almost a month in each of the location while enjoying the best temperature and covering total number of miles 7,845 approx.  
Now that you’re well aware where to run when wish to avoid cold winter and dry weather, start planning your next road trip with Al Muftah Rent a Car in Bahrain. Whether seeking balmy climate, pure sunshine or a mix of both, the guide have you covered and all prepared for the next adventurous road trip. 

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