How to Drive an Unfamiliar Car Like a Pro

Whether you buy a new car or rent one that you’re unfamiliar with, driving it can be tricky especially if it’s a shift from manual to automatic or otherwise. For the safety of both yourself and the vehicle, it’s better to hit the road keeping few significant details in mind. Read on for more information.


For those used to drive a hatchback and renting a sedan for the first time, be informed that the vehicle has some extra length extending from the rear window which is worth to consider while reversing.


With driving, one needs to consider every aspect and rule including that of parking. If it has to be done in a position where another vehicle’s possibly at the rear and you’d also need to access yours from the same side, consider space you’d need to safely open the backdoor of the hatchback car. Prefer parallel parking without any particular bays.

The Three-Door Car

It’s obvious that front doors of a three-door vehicle are slightly larger than any of a normal car. This is one good point to remember when opening the door of your car whilst parked beside other vehicles.


Most people out there love dusting the road in their 4WDs since it offers a completely different and pulsating driving experience. If you’re lucky to rent a 4WD at Al Muftah Rent a Car Bahrain, prefer visibility especially while reversing the vehicle; make sure to see everything and everyone at the rear since 4WDs are higher than average cars. Do consider the car’s size when navigating in and around the parking bays.


Ever heard about ‘hill start’? If you’re accustomed to driving an automatic, this so called ‘hill start’ or taking off on a manual drive would be a completely different experience. This is felt most when you’re stopped on an incline/slope. Use the handbrake immediately if you feel even the slightest bit of sliding backwards whilst the car’s standing stationary.


Whether new or keen to driving an automatic, it’s almost the same when it comes to foot control mechanism like application of break or accelerating, minus the clutch. More smoother operations and control can be achieved when using only one foot for both accelerator and brake.

Interior/Cabin Décor

Have you ever been in a situation when a car’s indicator function is completely different to the usual push up, left, down or right? And while all the cars come equipped with basic driving instruments, each varies in terms of placement of the functions and the way they operate. Take for instance indicator function which might be located at the right but when triggered, the light blinks on the left and so on.

Review on Safety Features

By the time you’re in the car just rented from Al Muftah Rent a Car Bahrain and drive off to see the sunset, consider a few safety instructions for your own good as well as to avoid any security hassles. Familiarise yourself with:

  • Location of the windshield wiper controls
  • Internal defrosting function
  • Hazard light switch
  • High beam and fog lights control
  • Gas hatch release mechanism

Be safe and drive at peace with Al Muftah.

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