How Travel Contributes to Mental Wellbeing

When speaking of travel, the first thing to cross the mind is vacation, meet new people, go new places, panoramic sunsets and much more. Travelling is both exciting and exhilarating; so much more than just sipping margaritas or slurping ice-creams at the beaches.

And then it’s quite obvious about the wellness facts associated to travelling but, new and deeper scientific research has concluded that exploring new places while travelling can work miracles for emotional and mental health. Here’s how travelling is for a happy and healthy mind.

Stress Buster

It’s obvious that daily routine and work stress can distract us from that which is meaningful and interesting. Thus taking some time off from the usual hustle is crucial for relaxing the mind, rejuvenate the soul and recharge the physical self; all for the same stress again though. And there isn’t a better way than to pack the bags and explore the uncharted for travelling is to happiness and help relaxing the mind from stressful situations. The result is reduction in cortisol levels which makes one feel calmer, confident and at peace.

Reinvent the Self

First-hand travelling to a foreign country helps to reinvent and re-evaluate your life that expands the mind in an unrealistic way. In addition, the valuable lessons learned along the way can widen the perspective and thus expose you to new things and awareness. Travelling to new places also helps you start afresh especially after a major lifestyle transition or something similar.

Boosts Happiness & Satisfaction; No Caffeine Included

Besides escaping the daily office work, travelling is the ultimate opportunity to keep a fair distance from the mundane tasks we’re so deeply involved with. All the new places you see, events and experiences help rewire the brain thus infusing self-confidence and optimism. A study from the Cornell University concluded that simple anticipation of travel and trips increases happiness at a much greater level than something like buying a new car.

Mental Resilience

To go and live someplace other than the usual which brings a sense of excitement and intimation altogether helps in strengthening the cognitive self. Besides, stepping out of the comfort zone, facing new challenges, exposure to unfamiliar environment, meet new people and adapt to new lifestyle enhances learning and makes you feel more confident in almost everything. Such also prepares one to deal with larger and serious issues in life with more patience and grace.


Augments Creativity

A professor from the Columbia Business School cited that travelling to a foreign place and getting involved in the local environment and culture increases the cognitive flexibility. In addition, it also ups depth and interactivity of the thought which in combination boosts creativity. Extended travelling also improves productivity, problem-solving skills and even makes you better at work.

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