For the Young Drivers Behind the Wheel – How to Stay Safe on the Road

It’s always thrilling to be behind the wheel in the car, surrounded by friends on a long road trip but, being a driver, you’re responsible for everyone’s safety; including yours and your vehicle. So whether you’re riding away in your own car or hired one from a rental service, take control and let your passengers know about the safety essentials, and of course a constructive talk on in-car manners.

Be confident but don’t get carried away and most important of all, don’t get lost on being the boss or actionable gestures which means all eyes on the road and keep the mind clear. The details below are specific to young drivers but worthy for all ages.

Get Acquainted with the New Car

For drivers of age 21 and above, if renting a car or even purchasing a new one, take all the time to understand essential features of the car, and of course the vehicle itself. Learn to position the mirrors and adjust the seats properly, identify hotspots where you’ll be keeping key car instruments and prepare the vehicle to suit your particular requisites especially safety assistance.

Driving in Wet Weather   

It’s obvious that wet weather significantly change the driving style and conditions. The best advice in such a situation is slow down, be sensible and take all the road decisions with extreme precautions. Avoid quick and heavy braking; maintain safe and sufficient distance from the vehicle in front and on the side, bypass driving on flooded streets and just keep your nerves calm.

It’s simple, take a few extra precautions and you’ll definitely be in a better position and go a long way ahead. You can even go a mile ahead on safe navigation and driving in dangerous situations by taking a few classes in defensive driving. This’ll help in making you a skilled driver and an amazing resource on the road; not to mention all the confidence boost.

Stopping Behind a Car on a Slope

When stopping on a slope, be courteous and sensible enough to give others some space which is crucial to safety. Manual vehicles are capable to roll back but it all depends on driver’s agility and ability to operate the car. This roll back experience can be small or extensive; all depends on the driver’s quickness and the car’s performance. Providing some extra space on a steep road is crucial to safety.

Look Out for the Trucks

Simple trucks and then those that haul items like tanks, trailers and other stuff need more room when turning or making a manoeuvre. At times, trucks need both the lanes to turn safe and navigate so, you needn’t to rush or try to overtake such bigger vehicles on the road else it can be a really messed up situation.

Be Careful of the Motorbikes & Rowdy Riders

Whether you ride a motorbike or a car, look out for other rowdy riders on the two wheels as they can come blindly from almost anywhere, creating panic which eventually leads to road rush and accidents. However, such happens at places absent from all road laws so it’s quite a rare thing but one should always be prepared for the unexpected and exercise care on the road. Always check the blind spots before changing the lanes as motorbikes are compact enough to be in a direct position with your blind spot.

Al Muftah Rent a Car exclusively present the details for the safety of drivers and its valuable customers, clients.

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