Beat the Heat with Car Safety Essentials for Summer Season

 Summer’s already in full swing in most parts of the world and people are anxious to get in the car for an exciting and unforgettable road trips. Of-course they’re great; a simple way for you and your family to finally have fun moments together, away from the usual routine. Likewise, furry friends get to share the piece of relaxation and happiness of the road trip during summer. Whether your desired destination is near of far, taking the correct steps would ensure your vacation remains safe and enjoyable to the last.

All that said, have you ever gotten in the car after it being parked directly under the sunlight on a hot day? For sure we’ve all been there and experienced its twice as hot and humid as that outside. Lack of awareness is the biggest concern as most of us don’t realise that such high temperature can be fatal especially when the mercury rises above 172-degree Fahrenheit. If you’re getting ready for your big summer road trip, be sure taking the essential safety tips and information in advance.

Rising Temperature Inside the Car

Turn off the car, park it somewhere on a hot day for a few minutes or an hour and sit inside! You’ll obviously notice imminent rise in the temperature which literally stings and humid enough to make you leave the cabin. In fact, it’s uncomfortable in the car even when the temperature gets anywhere near 80-degree Fahrenheit which is common without any proper air circulation.

A research concluded that even when the outside temperature is low as 60-degree Fahrenheit, heat in the car cabin can rise up-to a 100. In such a situation, you should know of the consequences of leaving children, pets and valuable items locked inside even on a partially sunny day. Here’s more to read and learn.

Why Inside of the Car Heats Up

When parked, a car’s vulnerable to the intense sunlight reaching directly to the car and things can get worse if windows are all rolled up with zero air circulation.

Direct sunlight and no air circulation are ingredients for disaster in the car whereas darker interior are at much greater risk from the soaring temperature as compared to a lighter cabin. This is due to ultraviolet sunrays and interaction with the outside temperature which pessimistically affect inside of the car.

The cabin eventually acts like a greenhouse as heat is absorbed by the in-car cabin. Some of the most common sources of heat are:

Sun – Sunrays are primary source of heat to enter the car.

Dashboard – Sunrays are reflected directly into the car and throughout the interior from the dashboard resulting in most of the heat.

Glass Windows – Glass magnify sunrays and spread them throughout the car while acting as an insulator which traps the heat inside the cabin.

Interior – The heat keeps itself or sits inside the car even if there’s a slight rise in temperature, much like an oven.

Glass windows intensify the heat effect and since a car cabin has limited space, it traps heat causing cracking and discoloration of the dashboard and other valuables. Damage assessment would make you realise the danger to pets, children and personal belongings which is why you shouldn’t ever leave them behind. Leaving the windows open would do good but such temperature and a heated interior pose high health risks for the living.

Tips & Precautions

At Al Muftah Rent a Car Bahrain, we strive for safety and health of our valuable customers and everyone out there planning the summer road trip. We’ve latest in-car technologies to prevent heat build-up for safe and peaceful journey however, a few safety precautions and tips would surely come in handy which we’re proud to share. Read on to find out!

-          Always check backseat for important items as you might leave them behind mistakenly only to rot in the awful heat.

-          When parked or idle, always lock the car so that children and/or pets are unable to hop inside unless it’s safe.

-          Teach the children that a car cabin isn’t a place to play and make them realise the danger of locking in a heated interior.

-          While driving, always keep your focus on the road and sidestep all distractions, even if it involves turning down the music or turning off the mobile phone.

-          Keep the pets leashed in the car and have it tied at a place where you can notice everything.

-          Abide by the state laws on safe driving during summer season.

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