A Detailed Guide to Classic Cars for Collectors

The love between the open road and car enthusiasts is indefinite! It’s true that cars represent their drivers in many ways like personality, interests, style and sense of freedom. For many drivers however, cars go beyond the typical boundaries of an exciting ride and a means of basic transportation; being a sophisticated piece of art, potentially valuable, embodiment of ingenuity and emblem of social evolution. All these facts makes car, a perfect collector’s item.

But the truth is that once you drive away in a vehicle from the dealership’s lot or showroom, the value depreciates and continues to do so over the lifecycle. Although this is true for most of the vehicles, some are lucky or sturdy enough to withstand changing trends and test of time. Car collecting might sound geeky, overwhelming or just for the experts, it really isn’t so and with the right budget, you can even have your very own unique collection of antique cars.

A little bit of luck, lots of research and going through the details as mentioned below, you can surely set an example of collecting the finest cars in a budget that’s less painful. But first, let’s clear up a few misconceptions to make it all easy and understandable.

The Car Classification

The moniker “classic car” is used a lot less and usually refer to old cars which seems like they don’t belong to the road anymore. However, automobile collectors club and organisations define classic, antique and vintage differently. Here’s a brief for clarity:

Antique Cars (1974 & Older) – Vehicles that are more than 45 years old are classified by the era or the age in which they’re assembled.

Classic Cars (1979 to 1999) – Cars that are more or less 20 years old but not more than 40. This is one reason, all classic cars are antique but, not all antique cars are classic.

Vintage Cars (1919 & 1930) – Classic car enthusiasts agree on a fact that vintage vehicles are those manufactured between 1919 and 1930.

There’re many classifications of the car and each affects its value but then, there’s also a warning to consider here. Car such as the 1997’s Ford Taurus isn’t considered a classic even if the technical definition fits perfectly. But vehicles that are more bulky or ‘muscular’ such as 1983 Ford Mustang falls in the classic category.

The Collector Cars by Years

Veteran Era (1888 to 1905) – This era represents beginning of vehicle transportation during which the first ever car was build and designed in 1888 by Karl Benz; a German engineer and made it to victory by his wide Bertha Benz on a 56-mile journey from Mannheim to Pforzheim. It was one of the first horseless ride, experimented upon quite a lot and powered by steam, electricity or gas. Veteran Era for car sets in motion the beginning of the automobile industry that we see today.

The Brass Era (1905 to 1914) – Vehicles of this particular time are mistaken as first cars on the road however in real, this is actually the second major movement of the automobile industry. The very term, Brass Era reflects to the brass-made accessories in the car during that particular period which started in 1905. Henry Ford came forth with his own line of vehicles and gained immediate attention.

In the 1908 came the Ford T model which changed car production process as it was. The inexpensive production, standardised parts appealed for vehicle ownership which was non-existing at that time. Demand for vehicle ownership and assembly boomed which lasted till the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The Vintage Era (1918 to 1929) – This age follows the World War I when factories, machinery and men work in harmony; desperately need work and promise of peaceful and better times ahead. The cars in this period represents glitz, glamour and something associated to carefree ‘Roaring Twenties’. The growth continued until crash of the stock market which started The Great Depression of 1929 that literally brought the automobile industry to its knees.

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