6 Must-Visit Destinations Before You Turn 30

So you’re in your 20s but haven’t been to many places around the world! Life’s moving really fast so before you turn 30, explore the world, see wonders of nature and some manmade, take your learning to the next level and enjoy life to the fullest. Al Muftah Rent a Car is proud to highlight some of the world’s leading destinations, worth exploring whilst you’re in your 20s. Read on!

  1. Huntington Beach, California

If you’ve always wanted to learn surfing and how to break the tides, Surf City, USA aka Southern California is absolutely the right place and its beach town is a paradise for millennials. When there, hang out at the International Surfing Museum before trolling to The Bungalow for cool and refreshing tropical cocktails. But, don’t leave without doing that which you cherish most; none other than surfing and the Banzai Surf School offer some amazing lessons.

  1. Boulder, Colorado

There’s nothing like college life and if you’re sighing while missing those good old days, pay a visit to Boulder, Colorado where the college vibe is pretty much alive and everywhere. Take a trip back in time by finding your footsteps in The Hill neighbourhood with its casual themed restaurants, shops and bars loaded with cheerful and lively crowd. Wander to The Boulder Theatre to catch a live show.

  1. Louisville, Kentucky

Experience true outdoor dining and vibes while you’re in Louisville, Kentucky with Urban Bourbon Trail being the coolest places in the city! There’re around 44 bars and restaurants to feed your appetite which means the options are pretty much limitless. When you’re full, head to the Fourth Street Live; epicentre of entertainment and retail to host all sorts of live events and music concerts! 

  1. Rochester, Minnesota

The third-largest Minnesotan city is none other than Rochester and a must-visit before you turn 30. But before exploring the town, delight your taste buds at Hefo Rojo for a creative twist. And once you’re all fired up, rent a canoe at the Silver Lake Fun and paddle the peaceful waters of the Silver Lake in the afternoon. The local breweries are calling those who wish to mingle with the commoners of the same age group.

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana

Living through the 20s without visiting New Orleans, Louisiana is a simple ‘no’. The place is known for some of the greatest outdoor festivities on Earth and characterised as “The Big Easy” for its four seasons: Summer, Winter, Hurricane and Mardi Gras. But before you rush into any of the events taking place on the Bourbon Street, spare some time to visit the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum for goose bumps before moving further.

  1. Bahrain, Middle East

For a true Arabic experience and to witness history spoken by the modern trends, there’s no place like Bahrain in the Middle East. The state’s name itself has been derived from the Arabic term ‘Al-Bahrayn’ which means the ‘two seas’. Manama is the capital city which invites almost every keen traveller with its ultramodern buildings, bars and restaurants.

For the 20s – Car Rental Tips by Al Muftah

  • Most of the car rental companies nowadays require drivers to be 21-years or older but, if you’re in 20s or perhaps underage, there’s an extra fee with perhaps an instructor in the passenger seat to supervise you all the way.
  • If you own a debit or credit card, book a car conveniently without the hassle of paper currency.
  • For those who wish to be supplementary drivers, they need to register at the rental counter with a credit/debit card, a valid driver’s license and extra fee.
  • If you’re renting on direct cash, present a proof of residency and authentic identification card.

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